Community Leadership Partnerships

Community and Commitment

The passage of the Public Safety Operating Levy included commitments for the return of 24-hour patrols and the return of the Polk County Inter Agency Narcotics Team (POINT). The Community of Polk County deserves and should expect a quality return on their investment, not just a hasty fix that lacks thought and value. With the return of 24-hour patrols Deputies will once again be proactive in their patrols and will no longer be only reactive.

This will be done with the benefit and safety of the Citizens and Deputies considered. The importance of specialty teams like POINT and the focused direction they have has a tremendous impact on drug crime and other livability issues. Putting a team like POINT back in business has quick rewards. As the Polk County Sheriff’s Office continues to rebound with quality personnel, I am committed to looking to the future and working with county government. While the financial events of the past few years were probably not preventable, it could have been foreseeable. I commit to you I will always work in the present but look to the future success for Polk County.

Leadership and Integrity

Improvements to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office will not be possible without confident leadership, direction and trust. In the words of James Cash Penny, “Growth is never by mere chance; it is by forces working together.” I have a history of strong leadership and the ability to build successful teams that recognize the importance of our public safety mission. I believe in leading by example and developing the individual skills of those around me, realizing quality results and ideas can come from anyone. Making decisions based on the value and benefit, and that are transparent leads to trust, confidence and success.

Partnerships and Perspectives

After being responsible for contracted law enforcement services provided to (4) cities within Yamhill County and managing the Deputies assigned there, working with the Citizens, Mayors, City Councils and City Administrators has taught me that partnerships and quality communication are a necessity to success. Recognizing demographics change within a county has taught me there is no “one” fix for everything, listening, and understanding different perspectives are important. I have the experience and skills to build these partnerships within Polk County. The cities of Dallas, Monmouth, Independence, Falls City and the many rural communities deserve quality services that meet their needs.